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Peter Horobin Saddlery was created in Melbourne by Peter & Julie Horobin in 1985. Their energy, hard work, and drive for craftsmanship & equine back health has evolved into a well known and admired company on an international stage.

Located in Melbourne Australia, Peter Horobin Saddlery have a number of saddle fitters in multiple states of Australia as well as internationally.

Rhys & Marlee Horobin son and daughter - who’s experiences are in the field of saddle design, saddle fitting, manufacturing and creative inspiration have been intrinsically involved in the business for the last 15 years.

Undoubtedly - the Horobin family, continue to evolve their brand to ensure that Peter Horobin Saddlery continues to strengthen and deepen in quality and craftsmanship for many years to come.

Riding in a Peter Horobin Saddle is part of the wellbeing of you and your horse – a fundamental choice for equine back health, owning one of our saddles, maximises enjoyment in the privilege of owning a horse. We help you stay connected to your horse by offering expert advise on saddle fit.

Stridefree saddles, saddle fitters worldwide, custom made saddles and equestrian accessories.

Explore StrideFree for an extensive collection of new and used saddles, tailored for a range of disciplines including dressage, jumping, show rings, and trail riding. Discover bespoke saddle options alongside premium horse accessories, all meticulously crafted with a focus on equine back health and biomechanics with our signature StrideFree® tree technology.


Design Your Half Breed Saddle


Take the opportunity to design your own StrideFree® Halfbreed Saddle. Have a personalised saddle expert assist you and your horse with saddle fit. Discover how your saddle can be adjusted onsite.

The StrideFree® Australian Half Breed saddles designed on the StrideFree® tree with the option of interchangeable gullets to suit the changing shape of the horse.

Ride For Hours

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Equestrian accessories, services and more

Discover the second hand Stridefree saddle range, purchase accessories and explore our saddle fitting services.

Sttirrup Leathers

The Peter Horobin stirrup leathers are made from soft durable leather wrapped around a strong webbing to minimize stretching. Perfect match to any Peter Horobin Saddle.


Contoured Girth

PH contoured sternum relief girth allows freedom for the horse's shoulder. The gel elbow and hidden elastic provides extra comfort.


Stainless Steel Stirrup Irons

Light but strong, the stainless steel stirrup irons are a perfect match for your Peter Horobin Saddle.



Kat Lawry

I have just received my second PH Saddle, Leslie Williamson has been amazing, so helpful and generous with her time and knowledge, the saddles are beautiful quality and best fit for my horses and for me. Highly recommend, I couldn't be happier

Libby - QLD

I recently used the remote saddle fitting kit to have a PH Royal II made for my difficult-to-fit mare who competes at national level showing and medium dressage. Not only does the saddle fit like a glove, there was an immediate improvement in her relaxation over the back, hindleg engagement and shoulder freedom. The saddle is super comfortable and allows me to easily sit in alignment over my leg. I highly recommend Peter and the team for their care, service and workmanship.

Robyn Smith

I ordered a Pilbara stride free Half breed saddle. With an extra soft seat, small fenders, padded beds on my stirrups, leather ties, and a crupper D. It arrived in about a week from Melbourne to Nelson, NZThree rides and I completely love it. In fact I love it so much I have ordered one for my husband and his horse.

Ella A

My experiences with PHS have been fantastic! Peter has been fitting my saddles for at least 5 years, and both my horses are ridden in PH saddles! Service is awesome after purchasing, be it new or secondhand, Peter and Rhys are fantastic and the change in the horses with a StrideFree tree is great. I am always sure I will get honest advice whenever I ask, and cannot recommend such a fantastic local business highly enough!